Antispam Policies

Antispam system

The email platform has an antivirus/antispam system that checks every inbound mail that comes up.
The rules that it uses are dynamic an vary according to the kind of malicious mail, spam or phishing campaigns that may be happening in each moment.
Delivery of messages will be allowed into destination mailboxes in case their classification as spam or malware, the filtering rules and the user configuration allows them to.
As any system of this kind, false positive or false negative detection of some messages may arise, so after a thorough analysis of them, in case it is appropiate to, the rules are usually adapted so they end up being more accurate in their detection task.

Besides the mere processing of messages by the Antispam system, SPF and DKIM checks are also carried out.

Sender Policy Framework

Sender Policy Framework (SPF), is a standard that tries to avoid the source address forgering of a message, limiting the servers from which mail can be sent in the name or a certain domain.

Our inbound mail servers analyze these SPF records for all incomming mail and apply, if needed, the required blockages.

DomainKeys Identified Mail

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), is an email authentication method that allows a sender to hold resposible for the delivery of a message, being able to be cryptographically validated by the recipient.

Our inbound mail servers check the headers and DKIM configuration for all incomming mail and apply, in case the verification fails, the required blockages.