General Information

This website describes the email usage policy for the Email Platform of Acens/Hostalia.

Nowadays, due to the high inbound volume of spam messages, the controls implemented against platform's inbound mail have been revamped in order to keep a good level of clean mail in its mailboxes. Due to these controls, some licit messages may have inbound delivery problems. It is our intention to ease the solution of these problems besides explaining the reasons that may have caused them.

The controls used are based upon, keeping the standards and best practices defined by the industry, as well as the various checks available for preventing bulk deliveries or fraudulent mail.

In the inbound delivery to the platform, two cases may apply:

Furthermore you will find some good practices and recomendations here, that will help the deliverability of your inbound mail to the platform.

In case of any question regarding the exposed content, you can check your platform admin or send us specific questions through our contact form.